Sunday, June 19, 2011

June 16, 2011 9:00 AM--Names

Yesterday I was given the Senior 1s beginning of term exams to record the grades and give them back to the students.  This is the first time I was given a class list for the students.  I was looking at some of the names, because they are somehow interesting.    Some of them have names we would consider “normal”, some are a little unusual and some are what we would consider really unusual.  So I have some named Susan, Lillian, Brenda and Anita.  Some of the slightly unusual ones are Charity, Hope, Patience, and Faith.  And some of the really unusual names are Fortunate, Believe and Comfort.  Ugandans often name their children in order to symbolize things.  They want their children to have faith or patience, so that is what they name them.  They often do the same thing with their dog’s names.  They might name their dog defense or revenge in order to make them seem scary.  Ugandans also write their name with their last name (or surname as they refer to it) first and then their first name.  They call their first name their Christian name.  Maybe this is because their last name is so African that I can’t seem to pronounce any of them.

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