Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 24, 2011 10:30 PM

I had a really interesting and eventful day today.  This morning I got up and went running with the girls at 6.  Today we went down to the school’s football pitch and ran laps.  This morning I also got a visit from Peace Corps.  My program manager, Mary, and another PCV who is about to COS came to visit my site and see how things are going.  When Mary realized how little I’ve been teaching, she insisted to talk to my director of studies.  Somehow now I have 6 more double lessons every week.  I’m now teaching Senior 1 Math.  So I now have 18 lessons (8 doubles and 2 singles).  I wasn’t too thrilled about teaching math, but I’m kind of glad that I have a little more to do.  Peace Corps also sent all my packages.  So now I don’t have to bring them back myself after IST.  This afternoon I took a trip into Mbarara.  My first stop was at the Peace Corps’ new resource room.  Now I know where it is and how to get in.  I also made a stop at the post office.  I got to go in the back of the post office and find my own package today because they were unable to find one of my packages.  After I returned this evening I went to see the girls get water from the lagoon.  They had to go get their water down there because the pump that pumps water up to the school is still broken.  To get to the lagoon we went up to the church past my house, behind a pit latrine, under a fence with barbed wire, down a steep hill, and threw some bushes.  The girls all came down with their buckets and jerry cans and climbed down to these concrete slabs on top of the lagoon to get water.

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