Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 16, 2011 9:00 PM--Mount Sabinyo

So last weekend a bunch of us went to climb Mount Sabinya.  We left on Saturday and got there Saturday night fairly late.  

Sabinya from our ride to Kisoro

We left to go hiking at around 8 on Sunday morning.  We had been told by some of the other volunteers (athletic male volunteers) who had done this hike before that it was a “narly” hike.  And I’d have to agree that it was pretty wicked.  One volunteer hiking with me even said that if a hike is ever referred to as narly, maybe we should think twice about going.  I only made it to the top of the first peak.

There are three peaks in total.  Even just to get to the first peak there were a lot of ladders, but I heard that to get to the third peak it is vertical ladders straight up for about 40 minutes.

Some of the bridges we had to cross

The ladders got pretty long closer to the top of the first peak, but apparently that wasn't even the worst of it

Someone told me today that it is the hardest UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Association) hike in the country.  There were four of us that didn’t make it past the first peak and we all had our own reasons/problems.  I wasn’t feeling well in the morning and I thought I was going to get sick on the hike, I didn’t have good shoes to hike in, I was really out of shape and I went at a really slow pace.  Other than the four of us who stopped at the first peak, everyone else made it all the way to the third peak.

View of the DRC before we got too far up in the clouds

The first two peaks are in Uganda and Rwanda and the third peak is in Uganda, Rwanda, and the DRC.  The four of us ended up eating lunch and hanging out on top of the first peak for a few hours.  We weren’t allowed to go back until the rest came back, but when it started raining and thundering, we insisted that we go back.  But the rest eventually caught up.  Even though I didn’t make it to the third peak, I’m still really glad that I went.  And I kind of want to go back at some point and try it again.  I just need to get in shape, get some hiking boots and maybe leave earlier so we would be able to get back before dark.  I also think hiking with a smaller group might be easier too.

Now after going back to my site for one night, I am at my In-service training (IST).  It was supposed to be at the Rydar Hotel, however they kept holding out to confirm that.  And finally on our way to Kisoro, we all got a text saying that it was going to be at the Lweza Training Center, which is where we had our pre-service training.  It’s okay, but the food is awful and we don’t have a pool and we have to share a bathroom.  Basically, it’s no Rydar.  I was intitially really bummed, but now that I’m here I’m okay with it.  It’s kind of nostalgic.  It reminds me of the first few days I was in Uganda.  I also took a hot shower tonight for the first time in over a month and it was awesome.  So I guess I can’t complain too much.

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