Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5, 2011 5:00 PM

This week the senior 1s invited me to come to their party which was taking place today.  It was a party not only for the senior 1s but also a party for the members of Harvard House, which is one of the dormitories.  It was to initiate the Senior 1s and to congratulate the Harvard House for having the cleanest dorm.  I would say it was one of the easiest functions I’ve ever been to here.  It did however start about an hour late.  Although this didn’t bother me so much because I anticipated it starting late and I didn’t show up on time (but I was still there well before it started).  It was however only 2 hours long, including lunch, so I was pretty pleased with that. 

Sometimes, being here, I look at people or I look at my students and I can’t help but think how different they are from American students.  However, today I looked at them and I couldn’t help but think how similar they are.  There was supposed to be music at this party.  And for the beginning of the party there was, but about halfway through power went out.  But while power was on, all most of these girls were interested in was singing, dancing, and how “smart” everyone was dressed.  I can’t say that this is all that different from how American teenagers think.  I felt bad for them, because their little dance afterwards was postponed/cancelled because the power was out.  But overall, it was a good event.

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