Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012 3:00 PM

Things are finally starting up again, problems are getting solved and created and life goes on as usual.  Yesterday we had our beginning of term staff meeting and a teacher’s development workshop.  The staff meeting was as long as it was late.  It started an hour and a half late but it only lasted a record hour and a half.  That was great!  But the teacher’s development workshop was long and drawn out and full of people who like to hear the sound of their own voice.  I guess overall things went pretty well.  I anticipated it taking up my whole day and it did.  Because it is a new term and a new school year there have been some changes.  One thing is that we got a new computer teacher.  Before there was Teacher Marion and me, but now with this new year the curriculum has changed a little.  Computers is now compulsory for A level students, which is Senior 5 and Senior 6.  Because of this change and teacher Marion being out on maternity leave, we now had a third teacher who was added.  He seems really good.  He is finishing his masters at a local university and he seems really eager to fix up the computer lab and make computers a subject that is easier to teach and more enjoyable for the students to take.  So I’m hoping he can help me with my grant proposal for more computers in the computer lab and he will also be a great way to keep that project sustainable after I leave.

In other news, my power was shut off again last Monday because the bill was not paid by the school (again).  I guess you could say they are getting better at getting it back on seeing as it came on today, so it was out less than a week, but in reality, I think it is better to say that they should get better at paying the bill.  They didn’t understand why the power company didn’t warn them before shutting it off, but I think the power company is wondering why they didn’t pay when they know they were using power.  But as I said with problems getting solved more problems are created.  My tap ran dry today (literally right after I realized my power was back).  So for now I have a few jerry cans full of water and I will probably inquire at school on Monday about where to get water.  Luckily, just by inquiring, it probably means they will again send the little old man to fetch me water every.  That makes my life easier, but I guess I’m back to bucket baths for now, at least until the rainy season starts again, which will hopefully be in the beginning of March.

Dry season here is pretty interesting.  In the mornings it can be as cold as 50 degrees, but in the afternoon it can easily go up to 90.  The extremes are a lot more emphasized in the dry season.  Whereas in the rainy season it is just fairly cool all the time.

Anyway, my students are supposed to be coming back today (probably as I write this).  Although I don’t yet know what I’m teaching (hopefully Senior 1 again) and I also don’t know when classes start.  It could be a couple weeks especially if I’m teaching Senior 1, because apparently the Senior 1’s aren’t coming back until February 13 (this is because they are the new students in the school).  So I guess I will go up to school on Monday and figure a lot of things out.

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