Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4, 2012 7:00 PM--Mid-Service and Beyond...

I succesfully made it through mid-service (way to go me!)!!  For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m referring to my mid-service conference.  This is a conference we have with Peace Corps when we make it through one year of service.  We come together as a group and talk all about our success stories and our challenges.  We also take a look at the year that we have left ahead of us.  Although I found out recently that we actually completed half of our time here sometime back in March.  So I guess you could say that we have been on the downhill for over a month now.  But either way, we commemorated this past year at MSC (Mid-Service Conference).

Now that MSC is over,  I have an awesome adventure planned!  My parents arrived this morning.  They didn’t lose any bags or miss any fights so I would say it was a success.  Tomorrow we are heading to Murchison Falls.  After that we come back down to Entebbe to fly out to Dar es Salaam (Zanzibar) and then Madagascar after that.  It should be quite a trip.

All that being said, I may not have much to say here for a couple weeks, but I will definitely give the full report in a few weeks (with pictures!).  So as they would say here in Uganda…”You first wait.”

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