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August 11, 2012 6:00 PM--West GLOW

We just finish West GLOW!! West GLOW was a week-long regional girls’ empowerment camp that we had in Fort Portal at Saint Maria Gorreti Girls’ Secondary School. I was one of the co-directors for the camp and overall it was a huge success!

We had 54 girls from all over western Ugandan come together and participate in various activities. The girls learned a lot about healthy living (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, nutrition and water sanitation), life skills (decision making, goal setting, assertiveness, etc.), various teamwork activities and skills (e.g. critical thinking) and arts and crafts that they can turn in to IGA’s (tie dying shirts, making purses, making friendship bracelets, making pita bread and making reusable menstrual pads). They also learned many new games (e.g. ultimate Frisbee) and they had many competitions and challenges (scavenger hunt, water balloon toss, etc.). We also had evening activities for them. They watched two movies they had never seen before, had a campfire and learned to roast marshmallows, and had a talent show.

Tie Dye

Some of the highlights from the week were:

1.) Water balloons and the water balloon toss
I’m pretty sure these girls did not know what a water balloon was before this week, but they quickly learned to love them and they had several water balloon tosses and they also got to participate in a water balloon fight, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

2.) Blind Folded Obstacle course
We had a camp competition of a blind folded obstacle course, where one person is blind folded and the rest of their team has to lead them through an obstacle course. So we had them working together to go over and under desks, cross benches and complete other obstacles.

3.) Camp fire, ghost stories and roasting marshmallows
We introduced these girls to the idea of having a camp fire, roasting marshmallows and telling ghost stories. I don’t think any of them even knew what a marshmallow was before this. They didn’t always quite realize that they were supposed to eat them and they were very skeptical when we told them this. However, overall, they liked learning about something new and enjoyed it thoroughly.

4.) Scavenger Hunt
We set up a scavenger hunt for them, but it wasn’t quite what I would call a traditional scavenger hunt. They went from station to station while finding clues, solving riddles, answering questions about things they learned in their sessions, and completing physical challenges. They really seem to enjoy the challenge of trying to beat the other teams while also improving on their critical thinking skills at the same time.

In the end, they really seemed to enjoy all the activities and the hope is that they take all the skills, games and other activities back to their schools and communities and teach them to other girls. The week was incredibly exhausting for all the staff, counselors and directors, but I think all the volunteers enjoyed just as much as the campers. I almost can’t wait for the national Camp GLOW in December.

All of our Awesome Counselors

Our Amazing Staff

My 5 girls from Kinoni

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