Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October 1, 2012 4:30 PM

Today I taught my first class in the computer lab since we got the new computers and this was also the first time I had the Senior 5s in the lab at all.  First of all, we were only able to use 6 of the new computers and the 6 old ones because we don’t have the facilities yet to plug them all in.  Hopefully this will get fixed shortly.  So we broke the class up into two groups and they came in to get their first practical lesson.  We went through some basic Windows stuff and then got into Microsoft Word.

I had taken the Senior 2s to the lab before and the experience can be frustrating and difficult.  Many of the girls were scared to even touch the computer.  But with the Senior 5s it was much easier because I think many of them have had computer classes in the past.  Some of them haven’t had any, but the ones who have were able to assist the others.  Most of the students needed barely any direction at all.  I told them they should be working in Microsoft Word, but beyond that I feel like it is best letting them work in self discovery mode.

When I have these girls in their classroom they are nothing but a pain.  They are often times chatting with each other.  They don’t always pay attention and I often don’t feel like they take the class seriously.  However, I think most of this is because many of them have learned this information before.  But now that we have gotten to the lab practicals, I feel like this class is going to teach itself. 

Hopefully, soon enough I will get the Senior 2s back in the lab again.  They have been learning about Excel in their classroom, but after another week or two in the classroom it will be time for the lab again.  I’m really trying to get them excited about computers because come the beginning of next year computers will be an optional subject for them.  And I want all of them to want to take it (obviously I’ll never get all of them).

On another note, now that we have all these new computers the school has assigned one of the school secretaries as in charge of the computer lab.  This is really nice because it is like having a lab assistant.  She maintains the lab and keeps it clean.  She is also very helpful during lessons.  I hope that she stays in this position and that this isn’t just temporary.  I feel like without her, the lab will start to fall apart.  But for now things are looking good.

The Senior 4 students during their lesson (we only have two Senior 4s taking computers right now)

My Senior 5s during their lesson (aka my lesson with them)

More Senior 5s

And even more Senior 5s

All of the computers we were able to acquire with the donated money

Another picture of the computers plus the old computers that we already had (those are the ones on the row farthest away near the windows)

Our new computer lab assistant

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  1. YAY! I'm so excited that your computers arrived! Well done!