Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31, 2012 8:00 PM—Busy Busy Busy!

Happy Halloween!!  Although I’m in Uganda I can still enjoy Halloween as much as I would usually want to in America.  The extent of this consists of watching Hocus Pocus and not coming up with a Halloween costume.

So as the term is winding down I’m about to get really busy.  This weekend I’m going to Jinja to see some of my favorite people in this country because it has been way too long.  After the weekend I have a Peace Corps training called Training of Trainers (TOT).  The reason for this training is because I’m going to be involved in training the new group of education volunteers who will be here in a little more than 2 weeks.    This is really exciting especially for us education volunteers.  This will be the first group of education volunteers to come in since I got here and they are the last group to come in before I leave.

After TOT I’ll be coming back to site for about a week and a half.  During this time, I need to give my final exams, grade these exams and get my grades in.  Once I’m done all this the term is really over and I have about 2 months off from teaching.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be sitting in my house staring at the wall for two months.  During this time, I’m not going to have much downtime at all.

Right before Thanksgiving I have a grant committee meeting that I have to go to Kampala to attend.  After that I’m going to be spending Thanksgiving somewhere.  I just haven’t decided where yet.  At the moment I have a few different options but I don’t know yet what I want to do.  Luckily, I have almost a month to figure it out.

Between November 26th and December 15th is when I’m supposed to be involved in Pre-Service Training (PST) for the new volunteers, but I don’t know yet what sessions I’m going to be involved in so I don’t know exactly when during this period I’m gonna be there

Also during this time frame we will be having Camp Build.  This is from December 2nd to December 8th.  Build stands for “Boys of Uganda in Leadership Development.”  It is basically a compliment to Camp Glow.  Build’s mission is integrate boys ages 13-15 from diverse backgrounds and prepare them to be the men of tomorrow by developing appropriate skills for becoming active and engaged citizens of Uganda, their communities, and the world.  I’m participating in Build as a staff member.  I’m not yet sure exactly what this will entail, but I’m sure I will find out.

And then finally after all the trainings, meetings and Camps, my vacation will start.  On December 17th, I’ll be leaving for South Africa.  I’ll be in South Africa until Christmas Eve.  I’m spending the first day in Johannesburg and then flying to Cape Town and spending about a week there.  From South Africa I’m flying to Dar es Salaam and taking the ferry to Zanzibar.  I’ll be spending about a week on the beach and I’ll be enjoying New Years there.  After that I return to Dar es Salaam so I can fly to Ethiopia where I’ll be for about four days in Addis Ababa.  And then I have to return here to Uganda.  I’m traveling with quite a few different volunteers.  Different people are coming for different parts, but there are also a handful who are doing the whole trip with me.  The largest number of volunteers will be in Zanzibar.  Not only is the group I’m going with taking over an entire hostel, but there are other groups of Peace Corps volunteers from Uganda who will also be on the island at the same time.  It is like our final farewell trip considering our COS conference is at the end of January and after our COS conference we can’t travel out of the country.  Our COS (Close-of-Service) conference is our final conference before we leave and this is when we get our COS dates (aka the date we are no longer Peace Corps volunteers).  So this conference is going to be from January 22nd-25th.

So I guess you can say I’m gonna be pretty busy for about the next three months.  I’m also not going to be spending much time at site during this time, which is probably a good thing because once the term ends no one will really be here.  Everyday I’m just getting closer and closer to the end.

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