Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30, 2012 12:15 PM—School-Based Training (SBT)

I arrived here at school-based training on Monday and now we are coming to the end of our first week.  So far, so good.  I met the 27 secondary school trainees on Monday and I have yet to meet the primary trainees.  Since the beginning of the week we have had one volunteer leave, but the rest of them are still going strong.  This week has been very intensive with sessions that we, as trainers, are giving the trainees.  We have been teaching them everything from lesson planning to classroom control and management to subject specific information.  I really feel that this training is much better and more focused than the training I received last year.  Right now we are focusing with them on just their teaching, how to teach and how to teach in Uganda (which can be very different than teaching in America).

So far, I’ve really liked taking on this new role of Peace Corps Volunteer Trainer (PCVT).  It gives me an interesting perspective on how training is run and what all goes into it.  I was also really excited to meet the new trainees.  They are an enthusiastic, excited, energetic bunch of people who are really trying their best to embrace this country and its school system.  I’m also happy with the other PCVTs that were chosen to work with this training.

Tomorrow the trainees have been given the options to take a trip to Kampala to go shopping.  All of them have decided to take this opportunity.  As a trainer, I am also going to Kampala for the day just to hang out and probably get some good food.

On Sunday, I will be leaving here to travel to Camp Build in Kisubi.  So all of next week I’ll be working with Build and then I’ll be returning here on Saturday.  From there I have another week of training to attend before I go on vacation.  Working with training has been really good for me because I get to have a hand in the experiences of these trainees and it makes my time here go by faster.  Every day I’m one step closer to going home.

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