Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8, 2012 8:45 PM—TOT and PST

Today was my last full day of TOT (Training of Trainers) and tomorrow I’m heading back to my site.  Since I got here at the beginning of the week a lot has been going on and many things have been figured out.  I now know when I’m working with PST (Pre-Service Training) for the new volunteers and in what capacity.

First of all, a little background information.  There is a new training group arriving here in Uganda in a little over a week.  They will be the first group of Education volunteers to get here since I got here over a year and a half ago.  There are 46 of them (19 male, 27 female) with 28 of them working in Secondary education and 18 working with Primary education.  In their training, there are essentially four parts.  There is one introductory week (it’s actually 11 days) where they will get a lot of introductions to Uganda, Peace Corps and the Ugandan education system.  Then they will be broken up into sectors (primary and secondary) and sent to two different model schools for school based training (SBT).  After SBT they will be broken up into language groups and sent to their satellite trainings to learn culture and language in the regions they will each be living in.  And finally after that they have one final week where they come back together for a workshop with their new supervisors and they have their swearing-in ceremony.

I was chosen to work with the School-based training (SBT) part of this training.  This part of training lasts for three weeks however, because I’m also working with Camp Build (which happens to be the second week of SBT) I’ll only be working with the new trainees for two weeks (the first and the third weeks of SBT).  During this part of training, I’ll only be working with the secondary school trainees because this is my sector.  They will be living and working at a secondary school (Mukono High School).  I will be living there as well for the time I’m working with training.  While at the school they will be learning to teach in a Ugandan classroom.  The first week of SBT the school will still be in session with the students finishing their final exams.  During this week, we will be presenting sessions to the trainees to prepare them for teaching.  After this initial week, the school will no longer officially be in session but some of the students will come back for additional lessons that will be given by the trainees and some Ugandan mentor teachers (these are teachers from this school who are staying on for an extra two weeks to help with the training).  During these last two weeks, I will be observing the trainees teach and giving feedback to them as well as guiding them on how to teach in this country.

Overall, I’m really excited to work with training and I’m really excited to meet the new volunteers.  I think we are as prepared as we can be for them to arrive and I hope that we can make this training even better than the training I got when I first got here.

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