Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012 6:00 PM—Another Christmas Down in Africa (Part 1)

So with Christmas fast approaching, it was about time for another African adventure.  On December 17th I left Uganda and flew to South Africa.  To get to South Africa I had to take three different flights.  First we went to Kigali, then Addis Ababa and finally we made it to Johannesburg.  Our plan was to stay in Jo’burg for one night and then fly to Cape Town.  From the time we got to the airport in Entebbe until we finally arrived in Jo’burg, the airline experience was a nightmare.  Ethiopian air was awful!  At the Entebbe airport the people were so ignorant and they wanted to photo copy our passports and our credit cards and they couldn’t explain why.  And when we tried to talk to them about anything they would laugh at us because that’s what Ugandans do when they are uncomfortable.  The Ethiopian airport in Addis is horribly designed.  It is not organized and many people almost missed their flights due to the airport security being incompetent.  And finally when we got to Jo’burg we realized that Ethiopia air lost every bag that we checked.  They said it was because we were coming from Uganda.  It seems like this kind of thing happens every day considering they were pointing out the bags that had been lost the day before.  Again, we were laughed at every time we tried to get some answers.  Luckily, our bags made it to Cape Town today, 2 days later.  Way to go Ethiopian Air!  You officially suck!  After this trip I will never again fly with them and for now I’m just hoping that they don’t lose my bag during the next two legs of my trip.

Other than the airline, everything has been great.  We arrived in Jo’burg on the 17th and we stayed at Bob’s Bunkhouse.  It was a nice little hostel near the airport and the people were pretty nice.  With only one night in Jo’burg we wanted to make our stay worth it, so we went to this restaurant called Carnivore.  It is one of only two in the world.  They serve all different kinds of meat including different kinds of game meat, such as zebra, antelope and crocodile.  It was awesome!

So much meat!

A big slice of zebra...MMMM

Piece of Crocodile next to the zebra

Then yesterday morning we had a short flight to Cape Town.  In Cape Town we are staying at Atlantic Point Backpackers and it is perfect.  It is near the waterfront.  It has a hot shower and free internet.  What more could we need?  When we arrived yesterday we dropped off our stuff and went for lunch and shopping.  There is a huge mall down on the waterfront that basically emphasizes how much Cape Town is like America.  I mean in a country with KFC and McDonalds and where you don’t have to be harassed to buy clothes, how could you not feel like you were in America.  Oh and did I mention, there are white people here…Everywhere!

Last night we went out to a sushi restaurant and then after that several of us stayed out and went to an Irish pub where there was a cover band playing American music.  It was fantastic, but we had a pretty late night.

Today once everyone got up and ready we went to Table Mountain.  6 people decided to hike up the mountain to the top.  But for me, I was in the group of 4 that chose to take the cable car to the top and back.  Partly, this decision was made because I didn’t have my sneakers because my bag still wasn’t here.  But I also didn’t feel like I was in shape enough for the hike.  Table Mountain was awesome!  The view was beautiful and you could see the clouds just rolling off the mountain.  However, it was so windy and cold at the top, we only stayed up there for about a half hour.  Then we came back to the hostel and I’m spending the rest of the day just relaxing.  Later tonight, the hostel is having a BBQ that we are participating in, so I’m sure that will be amazing!

All in all, I love it here!  I don’t want to leave.  This place is basically like America.  I don’t get stared at and I can get amazing food everywhere!

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