Sunday, December 23, 2012

December 24, 2012 12:10 AM—Another Christmas Down in Africa (Part 3)

Today was my last full day in Cape Town.  And what we did for our last day here was to rent a car (or more like a van to accommodate us all) and drive to Cape Point and the Cape of Good Hope.  Cape Point is hands down the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to!  I know I have a tendency to rave about certain places I’ve been, but this one tops the list and I don’t think it could be topped too easily.

Before we got all the way to Cape Point National Park we stopped at Boulder Beach and saw the penguin colony there.  There were so many penguins and people are allowed to use the same beach for swimming and sun bathing, so people can just hang out with the penguins.

This has been a really long exhausting day and week, so I’m just gonna let the pictures do the talking to describe our adventure today.  Otherwise, South Africa and Cape Town, in particular, was AMAZING!  I don’t want to leave.  This is really the anti-Africa.  South Africa is a somewhat poor country and there are small tribal villages and shanty towns, but what I saw of South Africa was almost exactly like America.  It may be hard for me to think about this and realize it, but I think this also has to do with the unusualness of the situation here.

Anyway, tomorrow we are on to Dar es Salaam and then Zanzibar!

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