Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 29, 2012 12:30—Another Christmas Down in Africa (Part 4)

So we left Cape Town on the 24th and flew to Dar (via Jo-burg and Addis).  Shocker Ethiopian Air lost my bag AGAIN!  Luckily this time it only took them about a day to get it back to me.  We spent our first day in Tanzania in Dar es Salaam.  I spent the majority of Christmas day arguing with people.  We had to argue with the people at the ferry to get our ferry tickets for the next day but we did finally get our tickets and we didn’t have to pay again.  Then I spent a large portion of the rest of the day calling the airport (about 50 times) to get our bags back, but we got them back before leaving Dar (even if they did arrive at 2AM).

On the 26th we took the ferry in the morning to Zanzibar and then had an hour bus ride to get to the place we are staying.  We are right on the beach!  The water is a little disappointing because for most of the day the tide recedes too much and even when the tide is in, the water is really shallow.  In Dar and in Zanzibar, both, it is really really beyond hot!  It is hot during the day.  It is hot at night.  It is always hot!  That’s the only reason it would be nice to have the water right there to go in.  Nonetheless laying out on the beach has been really nice.

The first day we were here we mostly stayed at the place we are staying.  Then yesterday Kelsey and I took a Dolla Dolla (a public taxi) into Stone Town.  It was fun seeing Stone Town again.  I was basically our tour guide.  We saw many of the same places I saw in May with my parents.  We went to see Freddie Mercury’s house and we ate at Mercury’s restaurant.  The trip to Stone Town took all day, but it was nice to have something to do for one day. 

I’m not sure if I will leave here much until I leave.  Tomorrow we are going to a restaurant called The Rock, where you take a boat out to an island but then when you are done eating, the tide has receded and you can walk back.  Otherwise we have very few plans for our trip here.  Just more tanning and relaxing.

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