Sunday, January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013 4:00 PM—Sipi Falls

After my COS Conference ended I took the opportunity to travel up to Sipi Falls considering I was already in the East.  Sipi Falls is a series of 3 (or in my opinion, more than 3) waterfalls that are at the base of Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda somehow near the Kenyan boarder.  It was one of the few things I had never done in this country and almost everyone else I know raves about it, so I wanted to see what the big deal is.  It was beautiful!!!!  The hike was a bit more challenging than everyone led me to believe, but nonetheless I was fully capable and it was totally worth it.  I stayed at a place called The Crows Nest which is a hostel/campsite that was started by a Peace Corps volunteer back in the day.  That whole area was really pretty and it was nice that it wasn’t very touristy.  I would definitely suggest Sipi Falls to anyone who comes to Uganda.

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