Monday, January 28, 2013

January 28, 2013 10:15 AM—COS Trip!

After I officially COS on April 24th, I’m planning on travelling for about 2 months in Europe.  I think my itinerary is finally set.  I fly into Casablanca on April 24th.  So here is my itinerary:

Casablanca, Morocco—April 24-25
Fez, Morocco—April 25-26
Tangier, Morocco—April 26-27

Taking the ferry across the Strait of Gibraltar

Granada, Spain—April 27-29
Seville, Spain—April 29-30
Faro, Portugal—April 30-May 2
Lisbon, Portugal—May 2-4

Taking the night train from Lisbon to Madrid and then a day train from Madrid to Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain—May 5-6
Lyon, France—May 6-8
Geneva, Switzerland—May 8-9
Lucerne, Switzerland—May 9-10
Munich, Germany—May 10-13
Salzburg, Austria—May 13-15
Innsbruck, Austria—May 15-16
Verona, Italy—May 16-17
Naples, Italy—May 17-20

Taking the ferry from the Italian Adriatic coast to Zadar, Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia—May 21-23
Budapest, Hungary—May 23-25
Vienna, Austria—May 25-28
Prague, Czech Republic—May 28-30
Krakow, Poland—May 30-June 2
Warsaw, Poland—June 2-3

Taking the ferry from Northern Germany to Malmo, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden—June 4-7
Copenhagen, Denmark—June 7-10
Cologne, Germany—June 10-12
Luxembourg, Luxembourg—June 12-13
Paris, France—June 13-15
Normandy, France—June 15-17
Bruge, Belguim—June 17-19
Amsterdam, Netherlands—June 19-21

Taking the ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle, England

Newcastle, UK—June 22-23
York, UK—June 23-24
Manchester, UK—June 24-25
Liverpool, UK—June 25-26

Taking the ferry from Liverpool to Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, UK/Northern Irish Coast—June 27-29
Dublin, Ireland—June 29-July 2

This trip is about 70 days long.  My Dad’s going to meet me in Naples and leave after Amsterdam.  So he will be with me from May 17th to June 21st.  If anyone is interested in meeting me for any of the rest of the trip, let me know.  Looks like I’ll be home in a little more than 5 months!

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